How to Delete Facebook For Good

How to Delete Facebook For Good

How to Delete Facebook For Good

If you want to know how to delete your Facebook account, then this article is for you. The ways of how to delete a Facebook account will vary depending on what kind of social network account you have or if you do not have a social network account at all. The methods used by Facebook are not the same everywhere, though, so it is important that you are aware of how to delete Facebook in different ways.

how to delete facebook account


If you just want to remove the account, you can do so by going to your social media profile’s link page and clicking on Remove Account. How to delete Facebook with this method depends on how many social media accounts you have. Only the main profile is required to be removed, while other social media profiles (such as your MySpace and Twitters) can be deleted individually as well.


If you want to permanently delete the account, go to the Privacy settings and click on Content. Then click on Page Manager. The top right corner of the page will display a gear wheel. Using the mouse, move the wheel to the far right position and click on Delete.


To completely delete the account, log into the web browser and go to settings. Click on Add Account. Once there, enter the email address you use for your Facebook contact information, the password you use for your account, and the profile link you used when creating the account. Click OK. When you’re done, click on the link that says Reactivate My Account.


When you successfully deactivate an account, you’ll see a prompt on the main page. Click on it to begin the deactivation process. In some cases, you will have to re-enter your email and password in order to complete the process. When you are finished, you’ll notice that all the pages of the social media platform have been deleted, including those you had set up previously.


Of course, the removal of these pages is not permanent. Facebook offers a number of methods for reviving your account, including removing your profile and contacts from the social media platform. However, the method described above is the best one for how to delete Facebook permanently. You can even change your passwords and profile information whenever you feel like it. If you’re constantly being asked for your passwords and other sensitive information, deactivating your account is probably a good idea.

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