How To Draw Eyes - Tips On How To Draw Eyes The Right Way

How To Draw Eyes – Tips On How To Draw Eyes The Right Way

how to draw eyes

Learning how to draw eyes properly can be one of the most difficult drawing lessons to learn. It is probably the one drawing skill that requires the most development. The eye itself is a very complex drawing feature that can be extremely hard for the beginning artist to master, even for the pros.


The first step in learning how to draw eyes properly is to learn about perspective. Perspective is just the way that an object appears to be viewed from certain positions. You have two eyes, and each of them has a slightly different view of the object you are trying to draw. It is like looking at an object from above or below. Depending on where your eyes see the object, will change how you will be able to see how it looks when you have drawn it. This is similar to working with any other kind of perspective, such as a landscape or a person looking left or right.


Understanding this concept is vital for learning how to draw eyes correctly. Once you have learned how to draw a particular shape, you can move on to the next one. For example, to learn how to draw eyes, it would help to understand that they are usually rounded. The lines that follow the eye will naturally curve to fit around the shape of the eye itself.


One thing that you should know about how to draw eyes properly is that the eye is very different from the rest of your face. The pupil of the eye is not wide like a pupil in your nose or forehead; it is actually shaped like a football. In order to draw the eye properly, you need to keep in mind that it needs to look bigger than its actual size. If you are drawing a round or oval-shaped eye, you will need to make sure that you take out the majority of the internal organs that are seen with your normal eye so that the eye will appear to be round.


When learning how to draw eyes, you will need to make sure that the outside focus of the eye is not overpowering the inside focus. This is why you need to make sure that you keep the background in mind as well as the inside focus when you are trying to draw a specific shape of an eye. If you start to see that the outside focus is overwhelming, you can simply change the angle of the head by moving it away from the center of the eye. This can also be done if it seems that the face is not looking the way you expected it to. You can always go back and make corrections once you are finished with your lesson.


There are many other ways to learn how to draw eyes. These tips will definitely get you started. When you start learning how to draw, you should always use a white ink pen so that you do not end up creating too much noise with the pencil. Once you have learned how to draw, you can always use more detail-oriented pens. These tips should help you learn how to draw your eyes correctly.

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