Newest Games For Kids on the Android Market

Newest Games For Kids on the Android Market

Newest Games For Kids on the Android Market

There are plenty of fun indoor games for kids that can be played in the comfort of your own home. There is nothing quite like getting together with a group of your closest friends to spend a day playing games that can be enjoyed with or without a care in the world. Of course, some games are better played with parents around. However, even if it is just your kids you are playing games for kids, here are a few to try out.

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You may remember playing these old-school board games like Monopoly, Risk and Chess when you were a kid. These classic games for kids are a lot of fun to play today, especially since most kids’ versions do not include any complicated rules. Note: Many of these indoor games for kids nowadays are also fun games to play alone, without many complicated materials. The classic ones still require some good board skills to be played well, but they are easy enough to pick up by anyone with a passing interest in board games. Still, if you really want to challenge yourself, find some more advanced games for kids that have even more complicated rules.


There is one game that many reviewers say is one of the most recommended for kids. In fact, this game is one of the best-sellers among all board games. This is Caylus, from Salesforce. This simple and enjoyable game involves playing a Caribbean riverboat captain and his crew, trying to win the affections of the locals.


One of the most popular games for kids created by a team of psychologists, this is a game that almost every child loves to spend their time playing. One reviewer said that he and his two boys spent half an hour playing this indoor activity. Most kids created characters for this game, and the different levels offer new challenges to solve. It is recommended for kids ages four and up.


Kids like to play FarmVille, and this new game from Facebook and Zynga combines elements of strategy and luck in an exciting way. If you are worried that your children won’t have a lot of fun playing this type of FarmVille, you need to realize that it is still very much a game of chance. But, as your children improve at playing the game, they will start to develop skills needed for real FarmVille fun indoor activities.


In the third place, Google’s new kid’s games app is Google Hangouts. This app allows users of Android devices to create short video conferences, much like a video chat program, but without having to have any previous experience on using either a phone or web camera. The Hangout feature is perfect for educational purposes, as it is helpful for students to practice speaking in front of a large group. Like many of the PBS kid’s games reviewed, Hangouts runs on the Android platform, so it should be relatively easy to find and download.

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