Popular Extensions Available in the Chrome Web Store

Popular Extensions Available in the Chrome Web Store

Popular Extensions Available in the Chrome Web Store

Devices Chrome is the name of a Chrome web browser built by Google. With the name, one can assume that the application works similarly to the official Chrome browser but for a different web engine. However, this is not really true. The official Google Chrome does not have any other extensions or installed programs in the system other than what it is designed for. Therefore, in order to experience all the features of Chrome, one has to install other add-ons.

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This is what other users do to enjoy all the features of Chrome. First of all, they install or download other Chrome add-ons like the ones that allow the use of tabs in the browser. The feature has been available for a long time but was only accessible to advanced users and programmers who had it installed on their computers. Now, even ordinary users can use tabs in the browser with the help of this extension. Users do not need to have any technical skills in order to enjoy this latest feature.


There are some users who like to use the built-in search option in the browser. Some of them do not like the limited options provided by the built-in search. So, in order to use the advanced search, they install third-party search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Installing these additional search engines will increase the number of users who can access the feature.


Another Chrome extension is the PDF viewer. This enables users to view PDF files on the devices without having to download them or open them from the Internet first. There are some devices that do not support PDF viewing. So, this is another extension that users can download to enable viewing PDF files.


The Android Market has a number of apps that are preinstalled in the devices. One of these apps is the calculator. This useful tool is used by many users to keep their computing work simple and fast. With the Calculator installed on the device, it becomes easy for users to perform mathematical works like multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Once the device has the Calculator installed, it becomes possible for the user to add, subtract, and multiply any number using just one hand.


These are the most popular extensions that users can download from the Chrome Web Store. Once they are installed, these features can be activated in the devices. With this feature available in the latest versions of Chrome, it is clear why millions of users prefer Chrome over other browsers.

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