Resetting Your Wireless Internet Device – How to Do It?

Resetting Your Wireless Internet Device – How to Do It?

A few days ago, I had to reset my device and move some of my devices connected to my wifi online. I was surprised to see that my connection was working again and I was able to access the internet without any problem. This was not the case a few days before when I had to reboot my laptop in order to use the connection in the network. Now, it was clear why my internet was very slow.


The reason behind this issue is the fact that I was using some devices connected to my wifi and now I have to move them to the wireless network to access the internet again. It was an error message from android. It said that some data are corrupted or already lost. It was kind of difficult to understand because the data from my internet was not lost.


In order to make my internet connection to work normally again, I had to clear the cache and cookies on my device. Normally, I delete these items manually. However, since I was trying to access the internet using this device, the activity log is cleared so I had to use the “advanced options” for deleting the entries.


After doing this, I turned to Google and I found several errors in the system settings. And voila! I got the right solution. I was able to make my internet connection work again.


Before you reset your device, you should back up your entire device. You should do this regularly in order to keep your device protected from any damage or corruption. If your device is not connected to a Wifi network, you should connect it to your computer and access the internet normally through your computer. You can also connect your device to a Wifi network in order to access the internet normally.


You should not try to reset your device if your device is already in an unstable state. This is because the resetting process could affect the operation of your device and this might cause problems such as, not being able to connect to the internet, etc. Furthermore, your device might be configured to automatically reboot every time you connect to the internet. Therefore, you should be aware of the need to reboot your device after you reset it. If you forgot to restart after resetting, you might encounter further problems after your reset.

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